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Smarter Mobile World

zeotap helps telecom operators unlock the potential of their data safely across industries using privacy-by-design technology

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An Ideal Position

Data insights have become the primary source of progress for the economy and society alike. In this new era, telecom operators find themselves in an ideal position equipped with continuous access to a wide range of data unmatched in precision and scale. It is without doubt the inception of a transformational process that can place operators at the center of innovation across different industries.
On this exciting journey, zeotap is an agile partner who extracts, refines and distributes operator data in a manner that is simultaneously simple and potent for businesses while ensuring the safety and privacy of subscribers.

— Stephan, Daniel & Projjol

A Powerful Global Data Platform

zeotap is building a global telecom data analytics platform that helps different industries be more innovative and efficient and create added value for consumers. We effectively bring the needs of the different stakeholders together to create a smarter mobile world.


Operators are becoming data companies that use their data assets intelligently to create value across different industries, have a positive impact on their subscribers’ lives and mobile experience and establish large new revenue streams.


Many industries are in dire need of accurate data to deliver better services in real-time, drive customer-centric innovation, gain competitive edge and reach new levels of marketing efficiency and productivity.


Consumers profit greatly from new and improved products and services, more individual offerings and lower prices while their privacy is protected at all times and they are fully in control.

Selected Areas Of Impact

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Mobility & Public Transport

Operator data can help optimize infrastructure, traffic flow, journey length, waiting times and the overall travel experience.

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Internet of Things

With billions of connected objects in the near future, mobile phones and operator data can play a vital role in designing the relationships between people and objects.

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Financial Services

Operator data can help tailor financial services and insurance offers to individuals depending on their behavior, preferences and situation when they most need it.

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Mobile Advertising

Operator data can contribute massively to a healthier mobile ecosystem by tailoring advertising to the individual mobile user.

Creating a Win-Win-Win in Mobile Advertising

Our initial focus is mobile advertising where operator data can finally enable more relevant advertising across the ecosystem. In dire need of good data, we can multiply impact for advertisers and publishers, and give users a better mobile experience. Our Determium™ technology platform effectively connects the commercial interests of operators, advertisers and publishers while safeguarding the privacy of mobile users.

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zeotap's approach to monetizing carrier data in a privacy-compliant fashion provides me complete comfort. As former telco executives, they understand the sensitive nature of a carrier's data and the importance of managing the privacy of that data. Their solution is one I can trust and recommend without reservation.

Dirk Herkstroeter, Chief Privacy Counsel, Vodafone Germany

Determium™ is a pioneering solution. We have found zeotap to be a reliable and professional partner who took great effort to understand our needs and long-term vision and executed a tailored solution for us at very short notice.

Raj Sethia, CEO, Firefly India

The Determium™ platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure privacy protection. It truly is a case of “privacy-by-design”.

Ken Engelhart, Former SVP Regulatory, Rogers Communications

It is rare to see a young company build a global footprint and reputation in such a short time - above all in the telecoms industry.

Chetan Sharma, CEO Chetan Sharma Consulting & Author

Advertisers love telco data as it is verified, simple to be used and scalable.

Dirk Freytag, Former SVP AOL

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