Deterministic. Big. Data.

We collect only the realest data so that you can effectively maximise the impact of your campaigns and generate reliable strategic insights.

It’s The Real Deal

We understand that relying on vague probabilistic data for targeting is only marginally better than taking shots in the dark and simply a frustrating experience for any advertiser aiming to reach the right audience on mobile. In the current market, real data is like gold dust and consequently so is real impact. zeotap changes that by making deterministic consumer insights available to advertisers in an actionable way and at scale. We are pioneering a new era in mobile advertising.

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Why Work With Us

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Premium data

We let you activate a unique variety of comprehensive high-quality data sources from sociodemographic and location data to interest data and purchase intent

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Massive scale

Big impact comes with big audiences. We bring together hundred millions of data profiles so your time spent on our platform is worth the while.

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Easy access

Our data platform is built to make all data sources simply available through advertisers’ preferred channels from a central source.

Get Me Started

Want to work with us and find the ideal data combinations that you will find nowhere else? Easy.

Just reach out to our team by mail or phone and let us know your channel preferences and what kind of audience you are looking to reach or data you would like to activate in your favor. While we never share data directly we have a multitude of ways we can make the data work for you.

Where we operate

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