Onboard your Offline CRM Data with the Highest Accuracy thanks to Zeotap’s Deterministic Identity Graph – Connect

Start making full use of your offline CRM 1st party data today. Thanks to zeotap’s patented identity graph Connect, the company deterministically matches offline CRM data (email addresses and phone numbers) to online identifiers like AdIDs and cookies – so you can start reaching your offline customers across digital channels.


Deterministic Accurate Matches

Zeotap has developed a global patented telco identity graph – 100% deterministic and accurate – thanks to its unique integrations with the largest telecom operators, mobile app publishers and other large enterprise partners.

Global Scale

With Connect, the company now offers deterministic offline-to-online matches across the top five EU markets (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), the US and India – with a scale of over 300M matches that is growing by the day.

Security and Privacy Compliant

Connect has been built using privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and global privacy standards. Some of these measures include:

1.Hashed identifiers: we only work with secure hashed email addresses or phone numbers that are always independently stored.

2.ZeoID – Our Own Identifier: which is a rotating hashkey that separates brands’ identity data from zeotap’s targeting attributes

3.Certifications: such as ISO 27001, CSA STAR Cloud Security Silver and e-privacy GDPR-ready seal in Europe.


Want to know what else we can do? We can also enrich and extend your matches, so reach out to the team to discuss!

Europe or UK: Alex Mcilvenny – Country Manager UK – [email protected]

US: Phil Mogilev – VP Enterprise Data Solutions US – [email protected]

India: Neeraj Singhal – Country Manager India – [email protected]

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