Joining zeotap: switching espressos for chai lattes!

It is 6am on a summery August day in Milan and Ilaria is waiting at the international airport to board the plane which will take her to her next adventure. She is fully equipped with her zeotap welcome package, her laptop and a busy schedule ahead. Leaving the tiny little city Milan seems to be with its 3M inhabitants, compared to the 12M megacity Bangalore has become in the last decades, Ilaria is ready for her onboarding trip to our Tech HQ. What better way to do it than to immerse herself into the core of zeotap’s engineering and data science in the so called Silicon Valley of India!

“I was very excited about this trip. It was not only the first week at zeotap, but also my first time in India – a really exciting trip in many ways! When I looked at my schedule I could see all the in-depth onboardings awaiting for me. There was definitely a lot for me to learn about data and mobile advertising, as well as zeotap and its products. I couldn’t wait!” – Ilaria Calesella


And there she was, crossing the streets full of rickshaws and honking cars while greeting a few cows along the way, Ilaria finally made it to zeotap’s Bangalore office for the first time. She was sitting in the middle of a meeting room table, sipping a bit of an authentic chai latte which tasted much more spiced up to the ones she was used to. Then, the rest of the Indian team finally walked through the door with a big smile, ready to welcome her and to start all the knowledge-sharing. And the real intensity kicked in: our product and tech teams started by walking her through zeoCore, our tech platform and data refinery. It was essential for Ilaria to understand how zeoCore conducts data tests, how it automates the ingestion and processing of the data while handling refreshment to keep the data relevant. A lot of emphasis was also placed in the three products powered by zeoCore – Targeting, Insights and Connect. This way, Ilaria could get a deep understanding on how these products are created and maintained, the data behind them and how they can be customized on a client per client basis. Some additional sessions included market status-quo meetings and essential marketing, finance and HR training processes.

“Thanks to the very personal, well-thought and structured onboarding process I was able to really understand the whole value chain within the company: starting from the data partners, to the technology behind the data refinement up to the actual solutions and user interfaces our clients work with. Lastly, I was also extremely welcomed, which made me feel comfortable with the team from the very first day.” – Ilaria Calesella

No onboarding could end without living up to our roots as a company. After five days of intense company training combined with touristing around the city, Ilaria was invited to share her last night in one of the trendiest German breweries around our Bangalore office. This way, before going back to Milan, Ilaria had the chance to also mingle with the team outside of the office. After all, the best ice-breakers with new colleagues often happen over a cup of coffee, a casual dinner or drinks. And after a relaxed night full of laughs, Ilaria found herself with her suitcase packed with new information, her mind full of new ideas and her heart replete with emotions. Ilaria was ready to come back to Milan and take on her new role as our Agency leader in Italy.

Before joining zeotap as a Senior Agency Manager at zeotap, Ilaria spent her previous years delivering an excellent service to media agencies across Italy while working at companies like Vodafone – the multinational telecommunications company, Perform Group – the global sports media company, and 3P Solution – a communication agency for pharmaceutical companies. This time though, she was in charge of a different mission: to introduce the concept of deterministic data into the Italian agency market and prove how it can deliver better campaign results for advertisers.

“My time in India was fantastic both, at a personal (new culture, new food, new places to visit) and a professional level. After I went back to Milan and met with some agencies for the first time, I was able to transmit all the knowledge learned including detailed technicalities, which led my agency contacts to even call me the zeotap “Data Scientist!” – Ilaria Calesella

At zeotap, we acknowledge that the first days and weeks are not only very exciting for any new hire but that successful onboarding has a direct effect on job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention in the long term. This is why we take the onboarding here at zeotap so seriously  – to make sure every new hire is welcomed with open arms, has all the information needed and receives appropriate training to tackle the job. To finish and complete the entire onboarding process, each joinee is also given the chance to have a session with Daniel Heer – Founder & CEO at zeotap. Either face to face or remotely, he spends some time sharing the business priorities, future plans and vision he has for the company as a whole.

Are you curious about zeotap? If you got data running through your blood, check out our current job openings here. It might be you the next to experience our onboarding first hand!

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