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zeotap in Tech in Asia's Top 7 Rising Indian Startups

We are pleased to announce that zeotap has been selected out of hundreds of startups as one of India's Top 7 rising startups by Tech in Asia.

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zeotap Raises €12M Euro Series B, Grows Beyond Telecom Data

- Within two years of inception, zeotap is global sector leader in telecom data onboarding with tier-1 clients across the globe and cross-carrier (multi-operator) models in two           markets

- The company has diversified its data assets to include other large-scale, deterministic sources

- Globally renowned institutional investors and respected business angels join new funding round


BERLIN / BENGALURU / NEW YORK, JANUARY 17, 2017: zeotap today announced its Series B funding round of 12 million euros. The new investment reflects both zeotap’s achievements in telecom data onboarding for advertising targeting and measurement, and its potential to grow into the single platform that aggregates deterministic data across industries.

Data is increasingly the cornerstone of the mobile advertising market that accounted for more than 50% of the $200 billion in digital ad investment in 2016 (eMarketer). It determines the efficiency of any buying or selling decision in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, which represents the majority of the advertising market in the US and is growing quickly around the world. However, the paucity of large-scale, high-quality data sources to continues to beleaguer the industry.

At its inception in September 2014, zeotap aimed to solve this problem by creating a global platform to effectively integrate deterministic data from different telecom operators. Leveraging these telecom assets as a nucleus, zeotap has proven the efficacy and value of its data by achieving up to four times the average data price in the market. Simultaneously, Mozeo, zeotap’s Indian joint venture established a few months ago with local partner Mogaé Media, has seen strong progress. “With Mozeo, we’re providing a unique solution that promises to comprehensively improve how advertising is bought and sold in India today,” said Sandeep Goyal, chairman of Mogaé Media and industry veteran. 

zeotap has recently broadened its ambitions to other deterministic data sources that diversify its data graph while still adhering to the same quality standards. In just the last six months, the company has signed several partners including a globally exclusive contract with a leading security company as well as a top navigation services provider. For data buyers, the platform becomes even more attractive with a variety of impactful data attributes, including socio-demographic, location, interest and even deterministic mobile purchase intent signals, available from a single trusted source. Consequently, zeotap has earned several distinctions for its solution, including the i-Com Global Mobile Award 2016 and a Special Corporate Award by FMCG giant Unilever.

One of the key reasons large enterprises choose zeotap is its focus on data security and privacy. zeotap is unique in affording data owners complete control and preventing buyers from storing data against persistent identifiers. This solves one of the fundamental problems of the mobile data business, where datasets are still traded loosely and leakage is rampant. zeotap has simultaneously maintained its strict adherence to data de-identification (via methods such as surrogacy, clustering and redaction, among others) to ensure consumer safety. It has already been certified for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into effect in May 2018. “Our unrelenting focus on Privacy by Design principles in systems engineering is one of our most formidable assets,” said Projjol Banerjea, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, who earned the Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) qualification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) last year.

These developments have led to the latest funding round in which US-based New Science Ventures (NSV), a New York based venture fund which has $500m under management, and HERE, a leading global provider of mapping and location-based services backed by German automotive companies Audi, BMW and Daimler, join existing investors Capnamic Ventures and Iris Capital (backed by Publicis and Orange Telecom), who also contributed to the new round. zeotap has also attracted several strategic business angels, including Seth Schuler (former SVP Strategy of T-Mobile US), Alex Pentland (Professor at MIT, co-creator of the MIT Media Lab and one of the most cited authors in computer science globally), Mark Grether (co-founder and former COO of Xaxis, the world’s biggest trading desk which is part of GroupM) and Thomas Duhr (board member of IAB Europe).

“zeotap’s focus on bringing the best data assets together in one single platform is a unique opportunity for data owners and buyers alike. We are effectively escaping a world where companies have to manage the complex integration of a multitude of sources before they can draw any real value from data,” said Somu Subramaniam, Managing Partner of New Science Ventures.

 “I am impressed with the data ecosystem zeotap has built in such a short period. Their speed of delivery is exciting and their solution comes at a time when many data owners are looking for the right partner,” added Edzard Overbeek, CEO of HERE.  

“We are happy we could show that we set the right priorities with our privacy-centric platform-based approach. We work hard every day to make a world with data-driven decision making as simple and safe as possible, and it is a very rewarding journey,” said Daniel Heer, co-founder and CEO of zeotap.

With the new investment, zeotap is looking to grow its team in the areas of engineering and data science in Bangalore as well asbusiness developmentdata on-boarding, data monetization and marketing in Berlin, New York, Madrid and Milan.

About zeotap

zeotap is a data platform that makes large-scale, deterministic data assets easily accessible to the digital advertising market and other industries for better decision making.

zeotap has partnerships with major telecom operators and other large enterprises around the world. With best-in-class data security and consumer privacy controls at the core of its solution, the company ensures data owners’ interests are protected. At the same time, data buyers gain access to unique, high-quality, diversified datasets from a single trusted source.

The company was founded in September 2014 and has received more than $20 million in investment from New Science Ventures, HERE, Capnamic Ventures and Iris Capital. It also counts luminaries from the telecoms, big data and advertising industries amongst its strategic business angels and advisors. zeotap currently has offices in Berlin, New York and Bengaluru, with additional presence in Madrid and Milan.

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zeotap joins i-Com Global Advisory Boards in India and Spain


As of today, Projjol Banerjea (Co-Founder & CPO) and Oliver Kanders (Director Market Building & Marketing) look forward to promoting the value of data in advertising as parts of the i-Com Global Advisory Boards in India and Spain. 

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Italian Advertising Industry meets at zeotap Armani XMAS

Yesterday we celebrated the Christmas season and Christmas with many digital leaders form the Italian advertising market in a suite of the prestigious Armani Hotel in Milan. 


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zeotap Displays the Value of Data Using Pizza & Raw Eggs at the iab Forum Milan, Italy

Today zeotap held a workshop at the iab Forum Milan - the biggest of its kind in Europe. A video interview and an extract of the presentation which contained some creative experiments using piza and raw eggs can be found following the links provided:

Video Interview with ENGAGE:


Pizza & Eggs / Workshop:


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zeotap Gives Keynote at the Maddies Mobile Awards in Mumbai, India

Today zeotap was proud to announce its go-live in the Indian market with two of the countries largest teleom operators. Oliver Kanders, Director Market Building & Marketing at zeotap, shared with the audience of hundreds of leaders from the digital advertising space in the ITC Granc Central hotel the offeringof the company's joint venture with renowned Mogaé Media founded by industry veteran Sandeep Goyal. 

A video of the keynote can be found here:



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100 Industry Leaders Celebrate at zeotapas Fortuny Club Madrid

Yesterday we hosted our second edition of zeotapas Spain. Nearly 100 innovation leaders from across major agencies, trading desks, publishrs and brands came to celebrate with us at Fortuny Club an evning of German Okotberfest spirit and good talks and conversations about the fuure of data in digital advertising. 


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zeotap is Future Privacy Proof! We are already GDPR-certified.


The new GDPR law put forth by the European Commission aims at protecting consumers’ privacy against a single set of harmonized rules throughout the EU. These far-reaching regulatory changes left no lawyer unmoved and now have many data companies face a tough deadline to review their data handling practises.  

The good news is: for all our existing and future telecom partners and anyone using telecom data in their markets to make smarter decisions, the new GDRP is actually an opportunity to create a competitive advantage for two reasons:

Reason #1: We Are Already Certified!

We were prepared. Any company in the field of data could see these changes coming and start preparing for the changes that were likely to be impactful. When we saw the new laws slowly manifesting on the horizon – we took it as a challenge to develop a global set of best-practices for our technology and the corresponding business processes and got a team of global experts on board to develop them with us and convince them.

Extract GDPR-Ready Compliance Report by ePrivacy Lawyers



This paid off: Today we are one of the very first data companies globally and as far as we know the first company dealing with telecom data that is already certified against the new regulations. Even though these new laws will only become effective by May 2018, we have already laid out the legal framework for sustainable business that can thrive and grow without the nuisance of legal uncertainties going forward.

Reason #2: Effective Across Europe with a Simple Opt-Out Consent

 zeotap’s unique approach to secure and privacy-centric data monetization enables us to operate in an opt-out consent framework. The legal experts that assessed our technology and business processes made it clear: we are not dealing with personal data. 

While already active with major telcos in Spain and Italy, we are now looking forward to extending our partnerships with telcos in Europe and beyond and continuing to create value across different industries that benefit from the unique quality of telco data. 

"We were impressed with the steps zeotap employs to ensure careful de-identification of any data it handles."
- Jules Polonetsky, CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum in Washington 

"The Determium platform has been designed from the ground up to ensure privacy protection. It is truly a case of privacy-by-design."
- Kenneth Engelhart, Former Chief Privacy Officer at Rogers Communications 

We are looking forward to continuing this amazing journey together!
If you have questions or are eager to start leveraging these unique data assets, please let us know and we’ll get in touch.

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Major Article in AdAge: +232% Performance for Mercedes Benz

As cellphone carriers itch to turn their consumer data into dollars, Mercedes-Benz is among the first advertisers to benefit from new partnerships between telecom providers and a young but growing telco data firm called Zeotap. In Spain, the luxury car dealer recently aimed mobile ads to high-income men between the ages of 40 and 60, in part based on the amount of money they paid for mobile service each month.  >>READ ORIGINAL ARTICLE

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2 Awards For zeotap at the i-Com Global including one from FMCG-Giant Unilever

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