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zeotap is the global sector leader in telecom data onboarding. Based on best-in-class data and privacy protection today we are helping big data owners across industries build a thriving business around their data in digital advertising and other industries.

The Market Opportunity

Mobile advertising alone is a $100 billion business expected to naturally double until 2020 and it is already today fueled largely by data which helps automate and optimize media buying processes in real-time. For this and other markets zeotap has built its unique data platform. It sits right within the mobile advertising ecosystem and combines different layers of consumer data of the highest quality. This way out of a single hand any customer can access the necessary mix of data to excel at their marketing execution.

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Better Customer Experience

Mobile users prefer ads as a digital currency in exchange for the free content and apps they so love. Yet, in lack of good targeting data, ads are often irrelevant and publishers feel forced to serve many ads – and some indulge in intrusive behaviors. Deterministic data can resolve the entire vicious cycle and contribute to a healthy app ecosystem with relevant advertising and happier mobile users.

Why Partner With Us

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Privacy and security are at the forefront of both our technology development and business execution. We work with renowned privacy experts to ensure strict compliance with local data regulations and champion consumer choice and consent across all key channels.

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Rapid Deployment

Our data platform and team of experts make data activation easy. We customize and install our technology in a non-invasive manner that ensures a go-live within just weeks of project commencement.

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Single Integration

We are your single-point-of-contact to the entire mobile advertising ecosystem. Our end-to-end model is designed to eliminate complexity and allow you to focus on your core business.

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Proprietary Protection

Our unique anonymization technology with perishable identifiers enforces controlled access to your data and guarantees the lifetime value of your most precious assets.

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Pure Profit

We subscribe to a “zero CAPEX/OPEX approach” that requires no upfront investment, and nor do we charge any ongoing fees. Our simple revenue share model generates pure profit for data owners from day one.

Introducing zeoCore™

zeoCore is our best-in-class data security and privacy data platform and is where all unique data assets are directly connected to our extensive network across the global advertising ecosystem for effective end-to-end monetization. It incorporates a patent-pending data monetization mechanism that enables you to quickly and seamlessly tap into the entire advertising market while ensuring complete data security. zeoCore™ is fully ePrivacy-certified.

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