Onboard your offline 1st party data to target users on mobile.

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We see every day in the market how great offline data is matched to incorrect mobile identifiers resulting in bad targeting data. We believe you deserve better! So we built zeotap Connect - around our natural advantage: our telco & enterprise powered consumer device graph that matches offline and mobile identifiers deterministically and at scale.

Deterministic Telco Enterprise Graph

Step 01

Transfer offline customer lists that you'd like to target on mobile to zeotap using securely hashed identifiers (hashed email addresses or phone numbers).

Step 02

Sit back while we match offline IDs (email address, phone number) to online IDs (mobile device IDs, mobile cookie IDs) at scale using our deterministic consumer device graph.

Step 03

Receive online customer lists via the marketing platform of your choice and target customers on their mobile phone.

01 Deterministic Matching

With us there's no guesswork. We bring together offline and online data with absolute precision powered by our deterministic consumer device graph. No household-based or probabilistic linking. Just pure quality.

02 Maximum Reach

Once activated, combine your data with our standard or custom segments to reach your ideal audience and maximise scale across your campaigns.

03 100% Privacy Compliant

You're on the safe side. Our hashed identity exchange was built around privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and global privacy standards.

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