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Your own 1st party data can sometimes give you limited insights on your customers. Great data complementing your own can make all the difference. It can help you understand your customers better – from your most loyal to the churned ones –  and better guide your marketing strategy. Yet, however good looking, most available tools have no more than beautiful interfaces and questionable data behind them. At zeotap, quality of insights comes first, with millions of deterministic data profiles giving you a holistic understanding on your customers.


01 100% Deterministic

Base your marketing strategy on certainty. Finally some customer insights with real quality data behind it.

02 Greater Granularity

Cluster your customers and dive deep into who they are and what they care about, from their socio-demo profiles to their app usage.

03 Real-Time Dashboard

Access your insights anytime and get ad-hoc reportings.

For Media

Get a deterministic 360º view of your site visitors across content sections

  • Activate Include our smartpixel on your mobile properties
  • Discover Understand demographics, interests and other valuable characteristics of your visitors


For Campaigns

Understand exactly who sees and engages most with your marketing campaign

  • Discover Know exactly which audiences your campaign reached and their respective engagement levels
  • Target Use your own and our data to reach identified audiences for maximum results


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