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We understand that relying on vague probabilistic data to achieve your marketing objectives is only marginally better than throwing a coin. It’s simply a frustrating experience for any brand aiming to reach the right audience online. In the current market, real data is a scarce resource and consequently so is real impact. We are here to change that. Zeotap gives you access to a wide-variety of deterministic data that has never before been available at such scale.


ID-card verified demographic data coming from telecom operators and other unique enterprise sources.

App Usage

Standard and custom interest categories of the highest quality derived from individual raw app usage data - refreshed daily.

Purchase Intent

Fresh and raw purchase intent categories derived from what people search for in e-commerce websites and apps.

01 Highest quality data

In a world of exploding data and noise, it becomes crucial to select only the valuable data sources: The better the input, the better the output.

02 Intelligent big data processing

Like crude oil, raw data is useless: Only a careful and intelligent refinement process creates valuable and useful products.

03 Result-driven data products

Results are the only thing that matters. Be it increasing leads or sales, data has to support your goals.

Supported Integrations

Our Custom Segment Creator

  • Discover

    Search and discover hundreds of carefully crafted standard segments

  • Build

    Create custom segments based on your specific campaign goals

  • Activate

    Push segments to the channel of your choice and start targeting

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