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All engineered with deterministic data to exceed goals


Our Intelligent data refinery

zeoCoreTM is built around our telecom & enterprise powered consumer device graph, has data privacy and security at its heart and works like a charm.

zeoCoreTM can connect and ingest all kinds of data from all kinds of systems:

  • Patented Telecom Data Onboarding
  • Deterministic CRM Data Onboarding
  • Multi-angle Data Quality Auditing

zeoCoreTM unites and refines data into high-performing products:

  • Unified and anonymized consumer device graph
  • Advanced data scoring and merging engine
  • App and URL processing layer powered by machine learning

zeoCoreTM is connected to market leading media and data management platforms:

  • Direct data marketplace integrations with key DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs
  • Premium publisher partnerships across our markets
  • Real-time revenue dashboard for our data partners

Supported Integrations


When it comes to data privacy and security we make sure to check all boxes in every single market.

  • European ePrivacy Certification
  • European GDPR-ready Seal
  • Local Privacy Compliance Approvals in all other markets
  • ISO 27001 Enterprise Security Certified
  • IAPP certified employees
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