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01 Unique Data

We are bringing the most exclusive data together for you. Telecom operators, software security providers, payroll companies - we only tap into the best sources.

02 Precision at scale

We understand you need high-quality data and lots of it. All of our data meets high quality standards and gets united it in a single platform for maximum impact.

03 Results

Master On-Target-Reach, engagement and conversions. We want you to achieve consistently better outcomes. It's what all of this is about.

Data Types


Real ID card verified demographic data sourced from CRMs that performs very highly against on-target reach measurement


Standard and custom interest categories derived from what websites people browse on their mobile phones and what apps they use, what ads they click on, or what physical locations they visit

Purchase Intent

On-demand purchase intent categories derived from what people search for on their mobile phones as well as what they browse in e-commerce websites and apps

Targeting that gives you wings

+115% Engagement

Target: Food Delivery App Users

Prefer wings with your meal on a hard work day? We helped Red Bull target its "[email protected]" campaign encouraging professionals to accompany their lunch with energy drinks, to combat the stress of urban life. The campaign was powered by our custom interest segment comprised of active food delivery app users had previously installed and used on their devices.

We drive results. People drive Mercedes.

+232% Engagement

Target: Men, 40+, High Income

The new Mercedes E-class is not a car everyone can afford. We created a custom segment tailored to Mercedes' desired audience that increased both awareness and consideration significantly compared to all campaigns run in parallel.

Tailoring Pepe Jeans' perfect audience

100% Audience Discovery

Pepe Jeans

Before launching their new autumn/winter collection, Pepe Jeans assumed its campaign would resonate most with a younger audience. Running a deterministic audience discovery with zeotap revealed the campaign was in fact best received by the much older Gen X. The distribution strategy was shifted and Pepe Jeans could allocate all their budgets where they made the most impact.


Choose from a wide range of high-performing data segments

  • Discover

    Search and discover hundreds of carefully crafted standard segments

  • Build

    Create custom segments based on your specific goals

  • Activate

    Push segments to the channel of your choice and start targeting

Supported Integrations

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