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End-2-End Data Monetization

zeoCoreTM can connect and ingest all kinds of data from all kinds of systems:

  • Patented Telecom Data Onboarding
  • Deterministic CRM Data Onboarding
  • Multi-angle Data Quality Auditing

zeoCoreTM unites and refines data into high-performing products:

  • Unified and anonymized consumer device graph
  • Advanced data scoring and merging engine
  • App and URL processing layer powered by machine learning

zeoCoreTM is connected to market leading media and data management platforms:

  • Direct data marketplace integrations with key DSPs, SSPs, and DMPs
  • Premium publisher partnerships across our markets
  • Real-time revenue dashboard for our data partners

01 On-top revenue

zeotap takes on only the best data and realizes premium prices for its partners while keeping their names undisclosed.

02 Bulletproof

Data privacy and security are at the heart of zeotap’s DNA since its foundation.

03 At your service

We’ve integrated large global corporations within weeks. We won’t be any different with you.


When it comes to data privacy and security we make sure to check all boxes in every single market.

  • European ePrivacy Certification
  • European GDPR-ready Seal
  • Local Privacy Compliance Approvals in all other markets
  • ISO 27001 Enterprise Security Certified
  • IAPP certified employees

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